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Meet the Farmers

Meet the farmers who grow the food and raise the livestock
Linda DePersis (Farmer)

Linda is the farmer who you will first meet either over the phone, answering your emails, posting to the farm's Facebook page, or behind the tables at the farmer's market. She loves sharing the farm's day to day activities with the community either online or in person. 

She's a jump right in kind of farmer and is known to shout out, "I have a great idea!" in the wee hours of the morning- which leads to all kinds of adventures around the farm. 

You will see her with the dairy cows- she's the number one dairy maid, loving every minute with her bovine beauties and will happily tell you why her cows are the most clever of all the farm animals. She also keeps all of their birthdays on her google calendar. 

Linda is the farmer who plans out what will be planted, when it will happen and where everything will go. Heirloom tomatoes, pumpkins and winter squash make her absolutely giddy! She loves to get her hands in the soil, planting, weeding, picking- even squishing the dreaded cucumber beetles by hand. Filling the CSA crates with gorgeous produce, placed just right is one of her many talents. She says it makes her feel like the Easter Rabbit and always thinks of the families who will be receiving the weekly bounty- tucking in a favorite item here and there as a surprise. 

When she isn't actually outside working the farm she's inside planning out what will happen next. She loves a blank notebook, a sharp pencil, steaming cup of coffee with a touch of cream and a tall stack of seed catalogs. 

Angelo DePersis (Farmer/Superman)

Angelo is the farmer who works behind the scenes. He keeps the farm running smoothly and is always there to save the day just like superman. 

He maintains, repairs, builds- you name it and he can do it. He's the farmer who takes the ideas and makes them happen. Always patient, steady, reliable. And always there when you need him.

When he's not driving the tractor, tossing hay, or keeping the equipment in working order you'll find him out in the fields. Checking on the beef cows, giving the pigs extra bedding or just some extra back scratches, making sure the hot wire is keeping the livestock where they need to be. Angelo has an uncanny knack for herding cattle, wayward pigs and geese exactly where they need to go. If he had four feet and a tail he would be a herding dog for sure.

Angelo loves working with his hands, building, spending time with his family, catching up on sports and even catching a quick nap when he isn't out saving the day.  


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