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Frequently Asked Questions

What kinds of fruits and vegetables do you grow?

We have close to 200 fruit trees that we've planted in our orchard- apples, plums, pears, & cherries. We add fruit to the crates as it is harvested throughout the season. Not all harvest years are the same. In addition to the orchard, we also grow triple crown blackberries, rhubarb, strawberries and have a young planting of concord grapes. We grow over  80 kinds of vegetables, fruits and herbs in our fields and hoop house. 

Does ALL the produce come from your farm?

Yes! We only sell produce, honey, meat etc that has been grown on our farm. We do not "buy in" any produce from any other source. We believe that our members and customers trust us to be their farmers and we are proud to provide you with only the best that is grown on our farm. 

How much does a weekly share cost?

Starting in May of  2017 for 25 weeks you will receive a crate packed full of the best produce that our farm has to offer. It costs $925 which breaks down to just $37 per week.

How much does the bi-weekly share cost and how much is in it?

A crate filled bi-weekly contains the same amount of produce as a weekly crate, but you are picking it up every other week instead of weekly. Starting in May of 2017 for 13 weeks you will receive a crate packed with the best produce that our farm has to offer. Members pick up their bi-weekly crates on the odd numbered weeks- weeks 1,3,5 etc or even numbered weeks-2,4,6 etc for a total of 13 weeks. You will be assigned either odd or even at checkout. We like to balance the number of bi-weekly shares between odd and even. And you will receive an email before the season starts to notify you of which weeks are yours for pick up. The cost for the bi-weekly share is $520 which breaks down to $40 per week. 

What happens if I can't pick up my share?

If you are going to be out of town and won't be able to pick up your share, try to have a friend, neighbor, or co-worker pick up your share for you or for themselves. If you can't find someone to pick up your share, please give us a 24 hr notice so that we don't harvest your share. 

Can I change my pick up day?

In most cases, no. Because we deliver to several sites we simply can't change your pick up day and deliver to you at a site that isn't on our schedule for that day. If we have delivery to the same site on two different days, it may be possible at the farmer's discretion. It will also depend on how much space is available in the vehicle for extra crates. 

What happens to my share if I don't pick it up on my day?

If you've given us a 24 hr notice, we simply won't harvest it. At the end of the CSA pick up day (hrs vary depending on site) all shares not picked up will be either donated or recycled back to the farm. We do not have the extra space to hold shares, refrigerate delicate produce or otherwise keep the produce in a way that will preserve its quality. We do not offer a make up share for shares that were missed. 

Do you offer Half Shares? 

No, we do however offer bi-weekly shares. A bi-weekly share is the exact same amount of produce in each crate as a full share, but it is picked up every other week rather than weekly.

Can I split a share with another family?

It is our preference that you do not split shares with other families. Instead, select a bi-weekly share. The biggest reason is that the crates are not packed with the intention of being able to equally split a share. How would you split a single cabbage or head of lettuce? In our experience, to fully appreciate the CSA as intended it is best to select either a full share for 25 weeks, or a bi-weekly share of 13 weeks. 

If members do decide to split a share, members will agree to send in one form of payment for the share, one e-mail/newsletter from the farm to a single household, limit one household per event (pumpkin pick in the fall for example) and will manage the splitting of the share between themselves. 

Can I come help at the farm?

Yes! Throughout the season we will e-mail members with opportunities to help with some planting. Tomatoes, summer & winter squash transplanting time is always super busy and help is always appreciated. 

Is my deposit refundable and can I switch my type of share during the season?

No. Your CSA deposit reserves your spot in the CSA. Your deposit is put towards the cost of planting, tending and harvesting your share. All deposits and sales are final and not transferable.

Your farmers have planned and planted for the type of share that you selected. You can not switch types of shares because it would either cause waste if we planted for a full share and you switched to a half share, or it would cause a shortage if we planted for a bi-weekly share and you wanted a full share. All sales are final.

Can I purchase produce in bulk for canning/preserving?

Yes! Each year we plant extra produce just for preserving and canning in bulk. This produce is planted with funds not provided through the CSA and is separate from produce grown specifically for the CSA. We typically offer garlic, tomatoes, hot peppers, cabbage, pickling cucumbers, pie pumpkins and winter squash for our members to purchase in addition to their CSA share. We offer a discounted rate to our CSA members for bulk produce. 




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